Imagine an apparel brand that is based on a core belief shared by billions of people worldwide. To believe in a creator is an expression of life and this belief is the foundation of the apparel brand, “BiG, Believe in God®”.

“It doesn’t get any stickier than this.” - Daymond John, CEO and Founder of FUBU

The Company

“BiG, Believe in God®” is a positive and powerful brand that evokes meaningful life- affirming values, a true lifestyle brand."

BIG Corporation, a Colorado corporation, owns the registered trademarks for the lifestyle brand apparel name, “BiG, Believe in God®” in 30 countries: the United States, Canada, Mexico and 27 countries in Europe and its “Sun” symbol in the United States. The “Sun” symbol is incorporated into most of our designs as well as displayed as a stand-alone design, similar to Nike’s swoosh, for those who prefer a more subtle representation.


House, Feed and Educate Children of the World.

BiG's strategy does not stop at the sale of products, but will continue through its Outreach Program. BiG will provide a portion of its profits to fund philanthropic projects with a mandate to "House, Feed and Educate Children of the World".

BiG's Outreach Program focuses on urban centers in major U.S. cities, and is expanding to select regions throughout the world. 


BiG is proud to be associated with Delta Apparel Inc., one of America’s oldest knitwear manufacturers.  Delta has been providing quality products to customers worldwide for over 100 years. BiG apparel uses USA produced cotton in all our apparel products manufactured by Delta. This strategic partnership will insure that BiG has a consistent supply and on time delivery of our branded products anywhere anytime.​



 “The fabric that binds us together.”