About B.i.G

Incorporated in Colorado, B.I.G. Corporation (BiG) owns the registered trademarks for the apparel brand name BiG, Believe in God® in 30 countries (the United States, Canada, Mexico and the countries of the European Union) and will continue to register its trademark in other strategic countries throughout the world.

The Big Sun

The BiG Sun icon has been trademarked and is the intellectual property of the Company. This icon will also be an important facet to our branding. The sun has been a symbol of God since ancient times and our Sun icon will become recognizable to those who might want a more subtle way to display their faith.


Currently, BiG is in the process of introducing the BiG, Believe in God® brand name to mainstream America.
Our desire is to work with quality retailers throughout the United States. BiG will then expand into Canada, Mexico and the European Union. Expansion will continue into other international markets as the brand grows.

The Belief

The belief in God is universally accepted by billions of people around the world who share this common conviction. In fact, recent surveys indicate that up to 92% of the population in the United States believes in God. The BiG, Believe in God® brand is powerful, positive, immediately recognizable and descriptive.

The BiG, Believe in God® brand is unique because the acronym “BiG” is easily recognizable and the statement “Believe in God” is positive, descriptive and already accepted by a majority of the population.